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Citrus Myst Fizz: Citrus Myst Fizz is a unique craft soda flavor with class. Combine the time-honored essence of a lemon-lime spritzer with the finest cream soda, and you’ve got a sassy seltzer vape you’ll crave all day.
Citrus Spritz: A refreshingly fizzy pairing of California-grown citrus with a tropical twist, Citrus Spritz offers all the flavor of a satisfying sparkling soda. The aroma of zesty oranges, tangerines, and limes meet fresh pineapples and a touch of peach to make a blissful blend you’ll want to vape all day.
Creamy Milk Bar Crunch: Nobody can say no to Creamy Milk Bar Crunch! This flavor tastes like a milk and cereal bar, crafted from the classic toasted honey cereal, and dunked in milk one more time for good measure. It’s the creamy, crunchy vape you’ll want for every meal of the day.
Grape Watermelon Ice: Take a vape escape with Grape Watermelon Ice. The aroma of two types of fresh, ripe grapes is combined with the juiciest watermelon you’ll taste, with a cool bit of menthol for good measure. You’ll want to chill with this one all the time!
Strawberry Sour Daiquiri: Sip on a signature summertime beverage with Strawberry Sour Daiquiri. A tantalizing blend of ripe strawberry and juicy watermelon flavors with a sour kick, this vacation vape is an enticing escape you can take anytime.
Tobacco Ambrosia: Ambrosia apples are known for their crisp and honeyed flavor. We added that tartness to a caramelized toasted tobacco to create a full-bodied vape profile.
Tobacco Mahogany: Picture bold tobacco leaves packed in a steeped oak bourbon barrel for months. A complex flavor that would make even the finest distillers in Kentucky jealous.
Tobacco Peanutter: Some things go together like peanut butter and… tobacco? An unexpected, but somewhat magical, flavor combination that’s seriously delicious.
Water Blossom: Lazy summer afternoons and vape flavors have one thing in common: A need for this refreshing combination of watermelon, seltzer, with a slice of kiwi and strawberry.
Watermelon Spiceberry: Take one-part refreshing watermelon and mix in a handful of tart berries. Toss with some lime. Vape. Relax. Repeat.
Watermelango: Watermelon and mango, blended so well together that you’ll think you’re sitting on a beach sipping out of a drink with an umbrella in it instead of your mod.
Wild Berryade: The wildest nights call for the wildest flavors, and Wild Berryade is just that. The taste of tantalizing and tangy lemonade with orchard-fresh blueberries team up to help you take your evening to the next level.

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Tobacco Ambrosia, Tobacco Mahogany, Tobacco Peanutter, Watermelon Spiceberry, Citrus Myst Fizz, Creamy Milk Bar Crunch


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